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INTERVIEW: Jake Johnson Talks To Me About ‘The Mummy’ And The Final Season of ‘New Girl’

June 8th, 2017

RAMA’S SCREEN – Thanks to Universal Pictures and in celebration of #TheMummy which opens this weekend, I recently had the opportunity to interview actor Jake Johnson whom you may recognize from his role in Fox’s long-running sitcom, “New Girl”

In “The Mummy,” which is part of Universal’s big ambitious Dark Universe, Jake Johnson plays Chris Vail who is essentially Tom Cruise’s treasure-hunting compadre. When they unearth a mysterious Egyptian crypt beneath the desert, an evil ancient princess inside it comes back to life and brings unimaginable terrors as she reclaims her destiny.

Jake talked to me about his experience working with action man Tom Cruise, and we also got chat a bit about “New Girl” upcoming final season. Here below is my entire interview with Jake Johnson.

Heads up! This interview contains SPOILERS!!!

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‘New Girl’ Final Season: Jake Johnson Just Dropped An Epic Tease About Nick & Jess

June 5th, 2017

The end of ‘New Girl’ is near — and it may include a life-changing event for Nick and Jess. During a Twitter Q&A, Jake Johnson revealed one of his hopes for the shortened season seven.

On June 4, a fan tweeted at Jake Johnson, 39, asking, “Do you think nick and jess will get married in season 7?” Of course, we know that season six ended with the will-they won’t-they couple seemingly getting back together, with them making out in an elevator. So, what was his answer? “I think so, yes,” he tweeted, causing his Twitter followers to freak out. When the finale of New Girl aired in April, Fox had not yet announced that there would be a season seven, so everything was somewhat tied up.

Nick and Jess (Zooey Deschanel) were back together, Cece (Hannah Simone) and Schmidt (Max Greenfield) found out they were pregnant, and Winston (Lamorne Morris) finally reached out to his father. Next season, which will be the show’s last, will only be eight episodes; it will feature a three-year time jump, will cover the events of a full year and feature “major milestones for all main characters… including a big one in the series finale,” our sister site Deadline reports.

So it sounds like one of those events will be a wedding — but it seems to me, if they really got back together on the finale, a wedding would probably come pretty soon. So, maybe that will be the premiere? And then she can be pregnant on the finale? This show has endless opportunities. But either way, please give us a Nick and Jess wedding.

Source: HollywoodLife

‘New Girl’ Renewed By Fox For Seventh & Final Season

June 3rd, 2017

New Girl lives on. After it had been widely tipped for a (likely abbreviated) seventh season, it was touch and go for Fox’s longest running live-action comedy series in the past few days. In the end, about 24 hours before the network is to present its 2017-18 schedule to advertisers, New Girl has been renewed for a seventh and final season. No episode count has been revealed, but it is believed to be 8, which was confirmed by star Jake Johnson.

It would’ve worked either way as the recent Season 6 finale tied up things in a nice bow, with Jess (Zooey Deschanel) and Nick (Jake Johnson) rekindling their romance, Cece (Hannah Simone) and Schmidt (Max Greenfield) expecting, and Winston (Lamorne Morris) calling his father with Aly’s (Nasim Pedrad) help.

Still New Girl is a legacy series for Fox and, like Bones this season, will be getting a proper sendoff with a final run.

Source: Deadline

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